Mickey & Minnie Mouse Inspired Chunky Bead Necklace, Baby / Toddler Bubblegum Necklace,

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Mickey / Minnie Mouse inspired chunky bead, bubblegum necklace with adjustable length. Lobster Claw closure.    23 & Half inches long 

The red, yellow and black beads along with the yellow bow shaped beads, all come together to make this darling Minnie / Mickey Mouse inspired Chunky Bead, Bubblegum necklace one of the cutest even without having a Minnie Mouse pendant on it as the colors and the yellow bow beads really all say Minnie Mouse when they are put together just so.  Plus it can be worn with just about anything. 

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Never leave children alone with small items, if it somehow came apart it would beVERY Dangerous. We are not responsible for the miss use of this item.