Solid Green or Green Plaid Diaper Cover for Babies & Toddlers

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Green or Green Plaid Diaper Cover for babies and toddlers.                                       Looking for a pair of green diaper covers? Or maybe you like the plaid, to match up with a specific onesie or top? Great for St. Patrick's Day / Christmas  -- Your Choice

St. Patrick's Day diaper covers. You choose between solid green  or green plaid. Diaper Covers are a great addition to any baby boy or girls wardrobe set as they match up with anything and everything making them a "Must Have".  Great for a baby shower gift or while stocking up on clothes before you know the baby's gender.  Looking for a solid or a print of diaper cover that I do not have listed? Feel free to contact me: Text - Call Sherry 385-439-9594  or email: