Boys Mustache Moccasins, Baby Boys Prewalker Shoes, Crib Shoes, Baby Moccasins, Non Slip

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Baby Boys mustache moccasins in 3 sizes..  These Mustache Moccasins are adorable, comfortable for your little one's feet & very fashionable as well.  They are also a non slip shoe which is perfect for little one's learning to walk and/or stand up.

Below Age is for your reference ONLY, please choose the size by measuring your little one's Sole Length.  Thank You.  :)
Size       Sole Length           Sole Width            Recommend for Kid
 1                4.33"                      2.20"                        0-6  Months
 2                4.75"                      2.28"                        6-12 Months
 3                5.12"                      2.44"                       12-18 Months