Top 5 Girls Birthday Party Ideas

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Top 5 Girls Birthday Party Ideas

My daughters birthday is coming up next week and I am in the planning stages of her party.  

Working at Needles Knots n Bows I see many darling birthday outfits coming and going and want my princess in a boutique style outfit too but I also need to plank the table, snacks, and games. 

When I was little my mom (NKB creator and designer-Sherry Wheeler) always threw great parties especially for birthdays.  With big shoes to fill I have been on pinterest looking at birthday party ideas-  ideas that will make my daughter feel like the little princess that she is. 

We are consistently asked to make birthday outfits so NKB is working hard on getting new girls birthday outfits designed and on the website but here are 5 birthday outfits and some cake smash costumes we carry with some party ideas that correlate. 

These are my top picks for a good price.  

These can be used for either 1st or 2nd year birthday parties. 


Elmo is such a fun furry friend and toddlers love him! Especially my daughter.  She loves to carry Elmo around and would love to have a birthday themed around her fun loving friend. 

Having a large family we have to budget accordingly.  

Here are some ideas for the Elmo Theme: 

Lets start with the table as the center piece for decorations...

This table is a great setup! You can find red, yellow, and blue balloons and streamers at the dollar store.  The hardest thing to find will be the character table cloth but it is easy enough to substitute for a solid color. 

On the table you can decorate with more character themed things like Elmo bubbles-which second as a party favor and mini gelatin cups for an easy to eat snack.  Both of these options keeping the budget down. 


Then of course you have to finish off the planning with a spectacular outfit that matches your theme!  

Like this Girls Elmo Pillowcase dress 

With matching Elmo Headband



Minnie Mouse

Minnie Mouse has been a family favorite for decades and now that boutique style is on the rise you can top of your mini mouse party with an outfit to match your theme.  

Minnie Mouse is such a popular theme that you can find a variety of outfits and color schemes to match your theme too.  You also can have a birthday outfit and a cake smash outfit!

Ahhhh the options are so adorable!

Lets look at the outfit first or this case outfits! 

 This is the black and red themed cake smash outfit.  So you would have your little Minnie wear this just for the messy part of the party and then change her back into her birthday outfit that still matches the theme. 

Like this Minnie Mouse ruffle bottom romper.  This outfit adds a little extra color and flare with the bows and ruffles.  Love how girlie this is!

And look at this head band that matches! So sassy!  

Minnie Mouse also has a pink themed outfit 

This Girls Minnie Mouse Pillowcase Dress and matching hair bow is great for girls who love pink! 

That means you can do pink for the party too! 

Now lets see how we can decorate for Minnie Mouse. 

This table is full of color and detail and also looks easy and cheap to put together.  You can find much of this at the dollar store!  

I love how they put a new label on all of the water bottles by simply taping some pink polka dot paper around the bottle.  The balloons on the chairs to make it more festive is also a fantastic idea! 

Here is a similar table that matches the red and black theme.  It is a little different with the snack table behind it but still looks easily put together.  The paper plates match the theme without having a character on them (which can be expensive and hard to find). 

If you need a snack for the back table this snack tray is so easy to set up.  All you need is 3 black paper plates and a bow and bam! You are done! 

This also works for either the pink or red theme. 

If you follow us on Instagram or Facebook you will see that we love pictures!  Pictures have been a huge part of my life growing up and now as an adult so this next ideas fits right in!

Minnie Mouse photo booth 

You can easily change the colors to red and black if you like that color scheme more but this idea is darling.  All you need to make this happen are some wooden dowels and construction paper.  If you have the time maybe laminate some of the pieces to last.  So much fun! 

Pink and Gold 

This theme does not have a character but it is full of girlie colors.  These colors are perfect for unicorn, princess, or fairy themed parties. 

All three themes are similar with some small details or added color changes.  

Decorating tip-gold is easiest found in the wedding section instead of the birthday party section.

With pink and gold you don't have to theme it, the colors alone can be a theme and accent each other very well.  But if you are stuck on what you can add to your colors any of those themes match.

I found these adorable wands for party favors  

And if you are looking for a cute but cheap cake/ cupcake option you can arrange your cupcakes into a rainbow. 

The outfit is going to really be the centerpiece for this pink and gold themed party because nothing will sparkle more then your princess in this Girls Pink and Gold Sequin Birthday Dress


Not only is the dress perfect but the shoes and the hat match to make this a darling outfit for the birthday girl!


If you want something a little more low key we do have a skirt and shirt option that is perfect for wearing all day while you are out for the birthday girl. 



This theme is on the rise and so classy and sophisticated. I have to say this is something I didn't realize I would like as much as I do until I saw it and looked into planning this party. 

The first piece I saw was the outfit and I fell in love! 

After seeing the outfit I wanted to look and see what I could do to theme around it.  It is simple but fancy.  Cute but classy. 

Lets begin. 

This table may l look intense but when you brake it down it isn't too bad.  The boxes can be any box covered in crate paper or construction paper.  The back drop is pvc pipe put together with fabric draped and then you just add colored balloons. 

These party favors aren't DIY but can probably be found pretty cheap.  These are fancy but darling and any girl-even if she is one- will love putting on all 3 of these items.  It will keep the girls busy while also giving you a photo opportunity. 

Flavored popcorn is a great party snack that is different and delicious.  

This doesn't take much time to make and can take up a good amount of table space if you are short on ideas. 


Like the Paris theme this style is on the rise.  It is an adorable preppy adventure theme for any adventuress.

What sticks out to me for this party is the colors.  The contrasting dark blues and dark pinks are mesmerizing next to each other. 


 You may've to buy a few nets to make this table happen but otherwise it isn't badly priced.  It isn't over the top but it has enough detail and color to set off the party. 

Adorable themed drinks

These are a great addition to the table set up and easy for little hands to carry, open, and drink out of.  No glass involved and a small opening which should help with spills.  

The added life saver on the front of the bottle is a cute addition to the bottles to help tie in the theme.

The outfit for this theme makes the party 

Without this outfit the party theme wouldn't come together.  With this little nautical adventuress running around the party theme is complete. 

I love this outfit because after the party she can keep wearing it all summer long! 

 After looking through all of these it is going to be difficult choosing which direction to go. Good news is she is only turning 2 so I have many more birthdays ahead to plan and Needles Knots n Bows works in many sizes.  

While looking through all these cake smash and birthday ideas and seeing the messes that can be made I am glad NKB also carries mom aprons that fit the themes as well! 

If you can't find an apron to match the theme NKB does work with custom orders and would love to make an apron for you to match your birthday girl! 

Needles Knots n Bows can do custom birthday and cake smash outfits too! 

Tell us your favorite party style from the 5 party options above in the comments! 

We can't wait to share new ideas and outfits with you soon! 


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