Halloween Elf Shelf Skirt, Ghost Elf Skirt, Christmas Elf Skirt

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Is your Magical Chistmas Shelf Elf planning on making appearances on different Holidays or maybe Birthdays this year? Well we have fun "NEW" skirts & other props to make each occasion extra special.  

 My Elf skirts are made to fit the ever so popular " Red Elf " that is everywhere accept on the shelf that he / she is supposed to be on, as they are off causing chaos & having fun.  They have elastic waists.   If you need a skirt that is sized different for the "Plush" Christmas Elf, send me a message and I will make it for you. 

I will be adding tons more ELF items so be sure to check back soon.

My Christmas Elf skirts are handmade by me