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With layers of chiffon, lace and shabby chic in an array of beautiful pastel colors this headband is perfect for all things girly & sweet. This is one of those headbands that you can not just pass up, it is a "Must Have" 

Baby girls Pink, lavender & aqua headband. She is will look so precious in her while everyone is passing her around the room, meeting her for the 1st time and they will remember that moment when they see the pictures from her milestone photoshoot with her new headband on and it will take them back as it does you or even for her First Birthday or anyother reason including just adding an extra touch of 'CUTE" to her already sweet outfit.

It can be made to fit a newborn up to an adult. I recommend measuring you or your child's head before ordering to ensure a proper fit.

-Newborn 13.5” 
-0-3 month 14” 
-3-6 months 15” 
-6-12 Months 16” 
-12 Months-Teen 17.5” 
-Adult- 18”

***Sizes are approximate, measure head for custom fit.*** 
**Product may contain small pieces, please do not leave small children unattended with item**