Thread In My Coffee

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Thread In My Coffee

We have enjoyed sharing with you all of the fun new things that we have added to the shop, but we want to get a little more real with you. 

Christmas is coming soon which means we are insanely busy behind the scenes.  This is our first time opening a Christmas Shoppe and honestly, it's a little scary. 

We are trying to research and market at the same time to make the Christmas Shoppe a success. We are trying out new products and accessories.  Plus, we are a little late to the Christmas game.  Research shows that most retailers start planning their Christmas in July and some earlier then that! 

On top of the research we are keeping up with the orders coming in.  It seems that this is a popular birthday month.  Especially for twins! 

We have been covered in thread and fabric for the last two weeks...its even in my coffee! I don't know if you have ever spent a long time with fabric but the small threads will wiggle their way into your clothes hair, and even your socks!  

It is kinda fun randomly pulling threads from each others hair as we giggle over the colors and talk about which fabric the thread would have come from. 

This is also our first year working with an employee.  I hired my daughter as my assistant because the company is growing.

This makes work more exciting!  We brainstorm together, do some designing together, and shop together!  I do have to say it makes the work load easier to handle and it also motivates us to reach farther and set higher goals. 

Good news is even in the midst of chaos we are enjoying the season.

For those of you who take the time to read this we are giving you early access to our Black Friday Sale!  (Starting Thanksgiving Day)

And this sale you aren't going to want to miss!

To make this sale even more spectacular we want to know if there is a Christmas outfit you have had your eye one.  

We will take all comments into consideration when choosing which outfits will be part of our biggest sales event ever! 

Be sure to comment before Monday! 


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