Time To Suit Up

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Time To Suit Up

It's the season for supers! 

Every season is the season for supers if you ask us-but the fall season is when the general public starts suiting up. 

What is great about this fact is that Needles Knots n Bows is always prepared for fantastic superhero fun! 

I am going to go through the fun memories you can create with your littles wearing their favorite super hero gear in the paragraphs below. 

So buckle up buttercup and lets jump right in! 

 First lets fly solo.  

Some of the best heroes go it alone-like Superman-and when your child wants to be the hero of the day we have you covered! 

We have 15 different capes to choose from and you can add a side kick cape for a little brother or sister *like Batman and Robin*.

Once your kiddo chooses their hero then the rest falls into place. 

Getting your themed party planned will happen quickly with a little help from Pinterest. 

But with all your birthday planning don't forget the superhero photo shoot!

We have cuffs and face masks to accent the capes too! 

If this is a first birthday party we have cake smash outfits available as well!  They can still look like a hero without a cape getting in the way or getting dirty. 

Now lets get to bigger parties! 

Any good birthday party loves to cater to the guests. 

Our capes work as party favors-so all the kids can be heroes together!  Think Avengers or Justice league-when the heroes come together for a common cause. 

We have party packs just for this! 

You can set it up so they get 'caped' at the beginning of the party or pick the seat with their favorite cape draped on it. 

Lining them all up or adding a photo booth to the party is fun when all the kids have capes. 

Now that we talked birthdays lets get into Halloween. 

Halloween is the perfect reason to throw a party.  Whether its a classroom party or an at home costume party these capes make the theme.  

You will have your own squad of heroes running around the house or yard saving the day. 


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