Holiday Season

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Holiday Season

Thanksgiving has officially kicked off the holiday season here at Needles Knots n Bows. 

We have packages coming and going and Christmas cheer ringing in the boutique.

We love holiday time! 

The beautiful Christmas lights, the white snow, Christmas trees, holiday music, and of course holiday outfits!

The only thing missing is the snow. 

During this season our family always has a calendar booked with fun holiday events.  My favorite is when we take the kids on our own Polar Express ride in our jammies, with hot cocoa in hand, to look at the lights of the season.

We are working on decorating the Needles Knots n Bows (NKB) office space to look a little more like Christmas!  So far I (the assistant) have 1 holiday item decorating my desk. A gift from my boss, the owner, and my mom. 

No worries though, more decorations will fill it up soon. I always love an excuse to go shopping!

Speaking of gifts it is the season of giving and we want to give to you! 

For the upcoming month of December we are thinking about doing a giveaway a week,  but we want to get some input from our readers before choosing our giveaway items. 

That means 3 giveaway items.  

What sort of things do you want to see in the giveaway? 

For my daughters I love the leg warmers and clippies.  They are festive and super cute!  We always get stopped and complimented when wearing accessories from NKB.  (I also wear the clippies in my hair)  I like matching my girls :) 

My son isn't into the leg warmers so much, as he is 7.  Simple is the way to go for him or anything with Rudolph on it. 

Thats all for me now! 

Thanks for reading and leave a comment on what you would like to see in the giveaway below! 



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